Children and War UK’s work in Ukraine, and with people who have had to flee their home country, is a powerful example of our cascade approach.

What do we mean by ‘our cascade approach’? We train people in Trauma Recovery Techniques (TRT) for children at risk of long-term psychological trauma. Those people go on to teach TRT techniques to others, so that they can apply the skills they’ve learnt to help even more children. 

Children who learn key trauma recovery techniques have a significantly better chance of good mental health in the future.

Removing the language barrier

It’s no surprise that people learn best in their own language. So we often run our training sessions in two languages – sometimes even in three languages. It means that the people we train can quickly use those TRT skills with the children in their community who need help.

Our colleagues in Ukraine translated Children and War’s TRT manual into Ukrainian in 2015, and they have gone on to update it in the light of their experience. This recent version is now used in several languages across the world.

Working with Ukrainian groups

We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our TRT training since the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Children and War’s trainers began working with Ukrainian groups back in 2014. In recent months we have run top-up training sessions with the main co-ordinators there.

By June 2022 several hundred people had been trained in TRT. We’ve been impressed by their commitment and their innovative approach to helping the children they work with.

The need for TRT training remains urgent

Many children in Ukraine are living with daily bombing. Others live in areas occupied by foreign soldiers. Or they’ve had to leave their homes for an uncertain future somewhere else.

Children and War UK’s cascade approach to training is designed to reach large groups of children at risk of long-term psychological trauma. By June 2022, more than a thousand Ukrainian children had been through TRT groups.

But the number of children who need help grows every day.

You can make a difference. Please support Children and War UK so we can reach as many children as possible and teach them Trauma Recovery Techniques.

What we do makes a difference

Now more than ever, children need help to cope with the trauma they’re experiencing.

Children and War UK is working to give them essential tools to reduce the long-term effects of traumatic stress.

Thank you.