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We are a UK charity that develops and delivers psychological support for children traumatised by wars, disasters and other catastrophic events worldwide. We achieve this through training and research.

Our work is based on a suite of proven psychological interventions for traumatised children, known as Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT). These help children to cope with their experiences and rebuild their mental health. They can be applied by specialists or appropriate non-specialists – for example, clinical psychologists, school teachers, aid workers or social workers.

Our role is to train those who provide help for the children, so that they can cascade these life-changing skills through local services, communities and families. As a result, TRT reaches the widest possible circle of children and their carers – quickly, affordably and effectively. The training is provided through a short series of sessions online or in the field and can then be shared and implemented by attendees.

TRT is based on 25 years of field experience from clinical psychologists working in humanitarian situations, from the Balkan wars of the 1990s onwards. It has been trialled extensively, cited in leading journals and recommended by NICE (UK). It is based on knowing what works best for children, and is practical, child-led and evidence-based.

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These powerful and adaptable techniques were first documented by British and Norwegian clinical psychologists, who set up the Children and War Foundation in Norway in 2001. In 2021, the UK group established a separate UK charity which maintains close collaboration with its sister organization in Norway while expanding the impact of TRT from a UK base.

In addition to training the carers, we continue to research and develop new applications and adaptations of TRT – for example, for children experiencing traumatic grief, for parents living in conflict settings, and for very young children.

We have a big vision for the future. Over the next five years we aim to develop and diversify training programmes for new regions, research new applications for TRT, increase our impact measurement, build our organisational capacity with paid staff, expand our supporter base and fundraising, and engage proactively with the professional sectors that can benefit from our knowledge in the UK and overseas.

We would welcome hearing from anyone who can help us on this remarkable journey, which will bring psychological help to those in desperate need – children experiencing the trauma caused by wars and other catastrophic events.

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What we do makes a difference

Now more than ever, children need help to cope with the trauma they're experiencing.

Children and War UK is working to give them essential tools to reduce the long-term effects of traumatic stress.

Thank you.