Our values

We have developed a set of organisational values which are used to guide decisions and behaviours throughout the organisation. We are:


  • We help children experiencing the psychological trauma of wars, disasters and other catastrophic events worldwide.
  • We are led by the needs of children, working with their carers and communities.
  • We treat everyone with equal respect and dignity.


  • We ensure our work is evidence-based, up to date and relevant to need.
  • We provide an authoritative source of expertise in our area of work.


  • We do not discriminate on any grounds, including belief, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality or sex.
  • We remain neutral in conflicts and do not engage in political controversy.
  • We do not allow our work to be used for ideological purposes.

Supporters of the rights of the child

  • We support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its four General Principles: non-discrimination; acting in the best interest of the child; supporting the right to life, survival and development; and supporting every child’s right to be heard.

What we do makes a difference

Now more than ever, children need help to cope with the trauma they're experiencing.

Children and War UK is working to give them essential tools to reduce the long-term effects of traumatic stress.

Thank you.