What We Do

We train local adults in trauma recovery techniques for children

Children and War UK works with professional and lay people, training them in our proven techniques for trauma recovery for children.

The aim is early intervention: the people we train help large groups of children in their communities with the first steps towards recovering from trauma.

We train local adults in trauma recovery techniques for children

The children that we help come from many countries, including Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Ukraine. Children who find themselves adrift from the life they once knew, feeling scared and unhappy.

Once trained, the responsible adults work with large groups of children, helping them to build mental resilience and wellbeing. The children learn ways to cope with the traumas they have experienced, and the ongoing difficulties they face.

The people that we train can go on to cascade the training to others in their community, so more children can be reached as early as possible.

Trainers work in English and in local languages. Children and War UK offers training in person and through online video conferencing.

What we do makes a difference

Now more than ever, children need help to cope with the trauma they're experiencing.

Children and War UK is working to give them essential tools to reduce the long-term effects of traumatic stress.

Thank you.