About Children and War UK

Making a difference to children suffering from trauma

Children and War UK works to help children who have been affected by conflicts, disasters and other traumas.

We use proven techniques to improve children’s psychological wellbeing and resilience, so that they can recover from the deep impacts such events have on their lives.


Brief history of the charity

Children and War UK is a charity registered in England and Wales in 2021. Before that we worked as part of the Norwegian Children and War Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation (founded in 2000).

We continue to work with the Norwegian Foundation, and we share the same aims and ways of working. Many of the tools, training methods and manuals have been developed collaboratively. We share the results of our research.

What we do makes a difference

Now more than ever, children need help to cope with the trauma they're experiencing.

Children and War UK is working to give them essential tools to reduce the long-term effects of traumatic stress.

Thank you.